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My Experience

Equadose was founded by my own experience in healthcare. I have been a devoted nurse for 12 years now. I’ve worked mainly in intensive care units and in nursing homes. As a registered nurse, I thought I fully understood my patients and their caregivers struggles. However, as I faced my own medical issues, it was an eye-opening experience. I was blown away by the healthcare costs. In an effort to save money on my monthly prescriptions, I began buying double doses of my medication, and splitting them myself. This proved extremely frustrating. All of the pill cutters I tried crushed my tablets, or split them unevenly. People online were irritated with these products, but no one was addressing this issue.

The Light Bulb Moment

Then it hit me. My husband is a design engineer with a passion for manufacturing. I enlisted his help in solving this problem. Our solution is the twin blade Equadose pill cutter.  The Equadose has angled blades that will never dull. It solves the common problems with typical splitters.

Our Pill Crusher

We’ve had such success with our Equadose pill cutter, we decided to tackle some other products. Working as a nurse, I was also exasperated with the pill crushers. They didn’t produce a fine enough powder for many patients with difficulty swallowing. In addition, if I needed to crush several tablets for a patient with a feeding tube – forget about it. I might be crushing and dissolving them in water all day! We designed our pill grinder with these problems in mind.

Feedback Welcome

To round off our medication management line, we are currently developing a pill organizer as well.

We would like to hear your suggestions of products that we can develop to meet your needs. We love your comments, questions, and feedback. Please email us directly at medicationmanagement@equadose.com

Thank you for checking out our products!

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