3 Tips to Relieve Fall Allergies

3 Ways to Beat Fall Allergies

Allergies can attack any time of the year. But for some of us fall allergies hit hard, especially if you are sensitive to mold, dust, and ragweed pollen. Allergy symptoms can have you feeling stuffy, sore throat, and even muffled hearing. Just like your nose creates a defense system to allergens by creating more mucous, your ears can create a thicker lining of cerumen (ear wax) as well. Here I will go over 3 tips for helping ease the symptoms of fall allergies.



  1. Nasal Saline Solution

An over the counter nasal saline solution will help clear the nasal passages of pollen and dander that are getting trapped. This will also help thin the extra mucous building up in your nose. Because a stuffy nose can hinder your sleep, using the solution at night before bed can help you breathe better and get a better night’s rest.


  1. Ear Irrigation

If you find your ears feeling itchy or muffled ear irrigation is a great solution. Using an ear wash kit will clear the ears of extra wax that has been building up due to allergies. The solution will also flush out pollen or dust that has been caught in the ear canal.  This can be used on an as-needed basis to keep you feeling refreshed.


  1. Rid the Dust

As the colder weather sits in, we will all be reaching for the thermostat. When you first turn on your heater it may blow out dust that has been collecting in the system all summer. Always be sure to change your heater filter regularly to keep your air clean and heating system running great. Using a duster that traps dust is also great to rid your home of extra dust that has been blown out.

Using these three tips won’t get rid of your fall allergies, but you will be breathing easier, hearing well, and enjoying the fall weather!

Happy Fall Y’all!