FAQ Equadose Pill Splitter

FAQ: Equadose Pill Splitter

Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions and answers about the original Equadose pill splitter:


Question: What is it made out of?

Answer: The Equadose pill splitter is made of quality craftsmanship using solid aircraft-grade aluminum. The blue lid is made of plastic.


Question: Can this quarter pills?

Answer: Yes!


Question: Can it quarter an oblong pill?

Answer: Yes the Equadose can cut an oblong pill into 1/4's. To do so, first you would stand your pill up on its end, center it between the blades and cut it lengthwise. Then you could lay each cut side down and cut it into quarters. When you put the pill on its end it will likely go above the blades some. That will not matter, the Equadose scores the bottom of the pill so well that it will split right through.


Question: How do I wash it?

Answer: We recommend wiping it with a damp cloth with some mild dish soap.


Question: Can I use this splitter to cut a hard gelatin capsule

Answer: It is not recommended to use with gelatin capsules.


Question: Can this be used to split a pill into 1/3rd?

Answer: Splitting pills into thirds is more challenging, but it might be able to do it depending on the shape of the pill.


Question: Can it cut large vitamin tablets

Answer: Yes. The twin, angled blades have no problem with larger tablets.


Question: My pill is crumbly. Will it evenly split my pill?

Answer: Yes. The twin, angled blade design creates a split point for perfect halves.


Question: My pill isn't scored. Will this work?

Answer: Yes. The twin, angled blade design creates a split point for perfect halves.


Question: Can this go through TSA security in carry-on luggage when flying?

Answer: Yes. It shouldn't have any problems going through security.


Question: How much does it weigh?

Answer: It weighs about 2 ounces.


Question: Will this split triangular pills successfully?

Answer: Yes


Question: I have very hard pills which broke many plastic pill splitters and bent the blade of a metal splitter. Will this hold up using it 4x a day?

Answer: The Equadose pill splitter has angled blades that never dull and stays sharp to the touch. The twin blade design creates a split point for perfect halves for any size and shape of tablet. Quality craftsmanship means it's guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Question: What is the maximum diameter of a round pill that will fit in the Equadose Pill Splitter?

Answer: The Equadose pill splitter is designed to split tablets that are much higher than the blades. In fact, it will cut a Tums tablet (0.75 inches in diameter) perfectly in half.


Question: Any suggestions for the geriatric with arthritic fingers? Small pills are really difficult to maneuver and hold between blades.

Answer: Other customers have reported that using tweezers or a similar product has worked well to position the pill.

We also have an updated version of pill splitter called the V2 that has a centering device. It's another great option for those who need a little help with centering their pill.