Save Money Splitting Pills

Why Should You Split Pills?


Did you know…

You can save up to 50% off your prescription pill costs just by asking your pharmacist or doctor to double your dosage and split the pills at home? That’s why Equadose was built on this very idea. So if you are taking medication on a regular basis these costs can add up quickly. By splitting your pills, you are also doubling the time between refills saving time and money on travel to the pharmacy.

Tips for safe pill splitting.


Invest in a reliable pill cutter.

Getting even halves is important to keep dosage correct.

Is the pill scored?

Scored pills are generally safe to split and give a great indicator on where to cut.

Don’t split pills too far in advance.

Split pills may deteriorate faster. Also, taking the split halves consecutively ensures a more equal dosing.

Check the insert.

The insert of your pill packaging should tell you whether it is safe to split the pill.

Ask your pharmacist.

When in doubt, ask a professional whether you can split the pill safely.



Not all pills are created equal. Because of this, you should always check with your pharmacist to see which prescriptions can be split safely. Never split a pill in a capsule, gel, or time release formula.