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How To Prevent Medication Clogs in Feeding Tubes

3 Ways To Stop The Blockages For those with feeding tubes, taking medication orally may not be possible. Because most medications need to be administered by tube, it’s very important to have the proper tools to do so. If a medication is not available in a liquid form the medicine may need to be crushed into a fine powder and mixed with water to be given in the tube. But what happens if the medicine is not crushed fine enough, and as a result clogs in the tube?  Here we will go over 3 tips to help prevent this.     1. Flush the Tube Before and After The first step in preventing a tube clog with medication is to...

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Save Money Splitting Pills

Why Should You Split Pills?   Did you know… You can save up to 50% off your prescription pill costs just by asking your pharmacist or doctor to double your dosage and split the pills at home? That’s why Equadose was built on this very idea. So if you are taking medication on a regular basis these costs can add up quickly. By splitting your pills, you are also doubling the time between refills saving time and money on travel to the pharmacy. Tips for safe pill splitting.   Invest in a reliable pill cutter. Getting even halves is important to keep dosage correct. Is the pill scored? Scored pills are generally safe to split and give a great indicator...

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Quit the Q-tip, Clear Your Ears

Cotton Swabs vs Ear Irrigation Ever feel like your ears are plugged with ear wax and you immediately reach for a cotton swab to clean them out? Because cotton swabs can push ear wax further into the ear canal, this is only making the problem worse. When a swab is pushed into the ear it is pushing wax right along with it. Each time a cotton swab is used the wax is becoming more impacted. So how do you stop the cycle and remove extra ear wax?   The answer is ear irrigation. What is ear irrigation? Ear irrigation is the process of using water to gently rinse out compacted wax and debris. You should consider this method if you have...

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